relationship between domain and hosting

Having an idea about domain and hosting is mandatory for creating a website. Although domain and hosting are two different things, one is closely related to the other. Whenever you want to create a website, you will first need a domain name. Because a domain carries the identity of a website. It could be your name or the name of your company, which will let everyone know about your company. And hosting is the place where you will conduct business, from where everyone can know about your company’s products or facilities. So hosting requires a domain first. You need to choose a domain name to get a domain. Then you have to register it from a server. Before hosting, you can select the domain and register it because someone else can take the name of your choice. And a suitable domain name is very important for business success. Before buying a domain, you must first know about the company. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to solve the problem later. So you can turn to to get the domain hosting of your choice at an affordable price


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