Domain name and hosting are two completely separate products but basically they have a relation. Domain is a company name and hosting is space for your business. Domain is a name of your business which is introducing your business to the world and what type of business you do. A domain name basically points to a specific folder on a specific Web server. Hosting is a place where you manage your business and everybody can see your product. To get a domain name you have to register it from a server after register a domain you need to put it in a website and then you have to find a host.  You can buy a domain name without buying hosting. Many people buy domain names long before, if his or her selected name gets someone. After you develop a site then you need hosting so that you can put your file in folder. Overall web hosting is renting a folder on a computer (called a Web server) that is connected to the Internet for your domain name. You have to  buy a domain  atleast 1year gives domain so cheap rate as the market value.


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