Those who are fairly interested in the hosting business will know more or less about Unlimited Hosting and GB Hosting. But you can get into trouble if you don’t have the right idea. Because many people still do not have a clear idea about unlimited hosting. Many people think that if you take an unlimited package, you can use the website as you wish and the GB package is very limited which will cause problems in running the site. In fact, the GB hosting package is basically for those who want to create a professional website that requires a lot of traffic and a certain amount of disk space. In addition, the GB package will determine the amount of your sub-domain, park domain, email account everything. This means that GB Hosting specifies your hosting plan by disk space, bandwidth, traffic, etc.

On the other hand, unlimited hosting packages also have a limit. It will give you unlimited benefits but there must be some condition. For example, you can upload business-related unlimited files, but in the case of multimedia, you have to accept the limit for uploading images, movies, HTML files, folders, script files, etc. You may also need to advertise on your site on behalf of the company. Unlimited benefits actually depend on usage i.e. what purpose you want to use the website.

But it should not be thought that companies offering unlimited benefits are not good. It is very convenient and affordable for new hosting users. Currently, many big companies including Bluehost, Hostgator, Justhost are offering this facility.


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