reseller_hostingWeb hosting service is such an internet hosting service which allows the site owners and (tiny or large) organizations to make their own website (pages)visible by the www (world wide web). There are many web hosting companies around the world. This types of hosting company lease disk space to the clients and provide continuous internet connectivity. A client who buy hosting packages own a little part of the host. Large companies use their own servers. Individuals and small organization can also maintain a webpage hosting from alternative service providers. This types of personal or small business hosting has a small free annually. But there are some free hosting services too.

To make a website visible to the www, the domain owner has to make a database and create a script. There are many types of web developing platforms such as PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, ASP, .NET, ColdFusion etc. This types of facilities allow customers to write or install script for programs or application like content management, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), e-commerce, forums etc. There are also many pre-build scripts which helps the beginners to run a website. For an example wordpress is a powerful script for building a website or creating a blog.

There are many types of web hosting services. Some of those are listed bellow.

  1. Free web hosting service
  2. Shared web hosting service
  3. Reseller web hosting
  4. Virtual dedicated server
  5. Dedicated hosting service
  6. Managed hosting service
  7. Co-location web hosting service
  8. Cloud hosting
  9. Clustered hosting
  10. Grid hosting
  11. Home server


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